Road Trip to Racine for Kringle – Wisconsin

StateEats took a road trip this past week up to Racine, Wisconsin, self-proclaimed Kringle Capital of the World. What is kringle, you ask? Wisconsin’s state pastry (so designated in 2013) is oval shaped,

butter-layered, infused with various fillings and iced on top.

Originally made in Denmark and often served during the holidays,  kringle is the town’s most famous product. Racine (sometimes called Little Copenhagen) is host to four separate bakeries that churn out this wonderful concoction all year round. We sadly didn’t have time to visit all four, so we focused on the biggest operation, O&H Danish Bakery.

O&H Danish Bakery, Racine WI

Christian Olesen began O&H in 1949. Now in its fourth generation of bakers, O&H has five locations. It takes three days to make one

O&H Danish Bakery, Racine, WI


O&H Danish Bakery, Racine WI
This is the ancient symbol of the bakers’ guild in Denmark, it is often found on exterior bakery signs in Denmark.

kringle, due to the fact that the dough must rest. Each O&H kringle is comprised of 36 layers.

And the flavors? Just take your pick because it is almost overwhelming with 30-something “everyday” flavors like pecan, blueberry, and cream cheese, as well as seasonal flavors like pumpkin caramel, cranberry, or our choice, a Very Danish Christmas Kringle (pictured below) which is cherry/almond. Delish!Kringle

O&H Kringle, Racine, WI

Kringle is very time consuming and difficult to make. We know because we tried and failed miserably, so we are not posting a recipe. But the good news is that you can order kringle from here and they will ship it right to your house. Enjoy and happy holidays!

Besides picking up kringle, if you visit Racine, check out the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed SC Johnson Headquarters, which is free and open to the public.


6 thoughts on “Road Trip to Racine for Kringle – Wisconsin”

  1. Hey Kat!! I would love to drop in on one of these bakeries!! We have Kringle from Wisconsin for sale at our Trader Joe’s. And a friend served it to us a couple weeks ago. Delish! Ours had sort of an almond paste filling. What were you up to traveling up north?? Do you have family there?? I’m off to look up where Racine is located. We have tickets to visit our kids in Madison in February!! Another fun post Kat! Hope you have a blessed Christmas with your dear family! xo

    1. Hi Rhonda – Madison to Racine isn’t super close, about 2 hours. We are about 90 minutes from Racine and went for specifically for kringle, cheese and Spotted Cow beer! – Kat

      1. Fun Kat!! WE’ve had Spotted Cow!! and have a friend here in CA that makes it at home– Our kid brought him some real Spotted Cow from Wisconsin so he could compare the tastes!! Maybe I’ll just my Kringle from Trader Joe’s– it probably comes from Racine! Hope you had fun Kringle Shopping trip!! Christmas hugs Kat!!

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