HeadshotWhether you’re interested in learning about the raw ingredients associated with a place (Washington State apples), or want to enjoy local signature dishes (Chicago’s deep-dish pizza), food tells a story. It not only nourishes and sustains, it also offers up a little insight into the spot where you find yourself sitting down and enjoying a meal. If you’re paying attention to your plate, you might ask yourself: Why is this food item on the menu? Who are the people cooking it up and serving it? Our nation may be a melting pot, but lift the lid and you’ll see all sorts of ingredients that tell a tale about life in each and every corner of the United States.

Here in the StateEats kitchen, we’d like to share with you our favorite recipes from each state that we’ve visited over the years — either as kids, or now as mom-neighbors with our own families. Between the two of us, we’ve hit all 50 states — and we’re pretty enthusiastic about what we’ve found. So please stop by to see what’s cooking. In our kitchen, there’s no special expertise required; we just want to share our love of regional foods, and maybe give you a nugget or two to consider.

Let’s start our travels now!

Kat and Kloh

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