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Lindsay H., over at Bites and Balance nominated us for a Liebster award!




This award is given from bloggers to bloggers that have smaller followings to help promote their blog and get their names out there!

Once you are nominated, you have to meet the following criteria:

  • Answer the 10 Liebster questions give to you by the blogger who nominated you
  • Select 10 blogs with a small following to nominate for the award
  • Create 10 questions for your nominees
  • Link back to your nominator
  • Inform each of your nominees of your nomination

Thanks Lindsay for the nom! Be sure to check out Lindsay’s great tips for exercise, eating healthy and in moderation.

Here are Lindsay’s Liebster Questions:

  1. If you could visit any place in the world where would it be?

Korea, because the StateEat Kitchen kids are adopted from there and we’ve never been.

2. Are you a cat or dog person? Or just not a pet person?

Dog. We just don’t get cats.

3. What is your daily breakfast routine?

Greek yogurt, plain or vanilla, with some fresh fruit, sprinkled with homemade granola. Yes. Every. Single. Day.

4. What is your favorite go-to summer recipe?

That’s a hard one, we have so many. Bruschetta or tomatoes caprese are both easy and delish and make a weekly appearance in the summer.

5. Where do you go or what do you to do relax and de-stress?

To the gym to either lift weights or do yoga.

6. What workout fad have you been itching to try?

Body Barre. Looks fun and will bring us right back to those ballet classes from our youth.

7.  What was your favorite television show as a child?

The Brady Bunch. Marcia, Marcia Marcia! Pork chops and applesauce!

8. If you could change one thing in this world, what would it be?

Oooh, getting HDR here (heavy, deep and real). But seriously, we would eliminate hate. The world needs more peace and love.

9. Where/what is your favorite restaurant?

Another tough one but Café Spiaggia in Chicago is one of the first places we went to when we moved here years ago and it is still tops.

10. What’s your favorite tech gadget?

We can do it all (almost) with the iPhone.

Sooooooo, here are our nominations:

Here are our Liebster Questions:

  1.  What’s your favorite comfort food?
  2.  Where would you like to travel that you’ve never been?
  3.  What is a killer-good dish that you make that impresses everyone?
  4. What song whisks you right back to high school when you hear it?
  5. What is a food or dish you never eat?
  6. Who has served as a role model for you?
  7. Name one ingredient you cannot live without.
  8. What have you discovered about blogging that you didn’t know when you started?
  9. What is a weird food combination that you love that doesn’t sound appealing but is really delicious?
  10. What is the last book you read and loved?


Kookoo For Kuchen – South Dakota

South Dakota’s official state dessert is kuchen. Sprichst du auch Deutsch? If you do speak German, you know that “kuchen” means cake. Germans make up the largest ancestry group in the state and they brought their formidable Teutonic culinary skill with them from the old country. You can find literally dozens of variations of this

Peach and Blueberry Kuchen - South Dakota

recipe. Some use yeast for the crust, but we’ve gone with more of a pastry crust. Folks also like to disagree about which fruit is best for kuchen — plum, apple, strawberry, cherry and rhubarb are all good bets. We went with peach as they are in season right now, and added a bit of blueberry preserves for color contrast. We finished our kuchen off with a cream filling topped with streusel. Have a slice for dessert (or even breakfast!) with a cup of coffee or tea.

Continue reading Kookoo For Kuchen – South Dakota

Cheese, Please! Philly Cheesesteaks – Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is known as the City of Brotherly Love, and serious lunch-love is what we feel when we partake of Pennsylvania’s official state sandwich, the Philly Cheesesteak. This pinnacle of cheesiness has actually been around since 1930 when Pat Olivieri Philly Cheesesteakcreated the sandwich at his hot dog stand in South Philly. If you’re from the Philadelphia area, you know that folks claim their allegiance to a particular cheesesteak joint with a feverish fervor. But you can easily make this delectable creation at home. The trick is slicing the beef super thin, which you can do if you freeze the meat ahead of time.

Continue reading Cheese, Please! Philly Cheesesteaks – Pennsylvania

Lobster Roll, World’s Most Delish (and Decadent) Sandwich – Maine

The Pine Tree State has some fabulous features including Acadia National Park, the first (or last) 281 miles of the Appalachian Trail, and a 92 mile corridor of lakes and rivers called the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. Hiking, canoeing or traipsing through these scenic wonders will whet your appetite so head on over to almost any lobster shack or seafood shanty for the world’s most delicious sandwich, the lobster roll.

Maine Lobster Roll

Lobster is a major component of the state’s economy with 125 million pounds landed in 2013 with a dock value of over $364 million, according to the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative. Talk about a lotta lobstah!

Continue reading Lobster Roll, World’s Most Delish (and Decadent) Sandwich – Maine

Gift of Finest Wheat – Kansas

Kansas produces more wheat than any other state, about 20 percent of the nation’s total production. Fun fact – all the wheat grown in Kansas in one year would fit on a train that stretches from western Kansas clear to the Atlantic Ocean, according to the Kansas Wheat Commission. The Sunflower State actually produces enough wheat to bake 36 billion loaves of bread, enough to feed everyone in the world for about two weeks. Holy moly, that’s a lot of ovens!

Cinnamon rolls


Wheat is of course used for all sorts of products (think beer, cereal and pasta) but is most commonly turned into flour. Here’s our favorite cinnamon roll recipe, deliciously decadent with a cream cheese frosting. Oh yes, your home will smell heavenly while they bake. These take a little bit of effort but they are so much better than those rolls in a tube. You can also make the dough the night before, let them rise in the fridge overnight, and then bake them in the morning.

Continue reading Gift of Finest Wheat – Kansas

Onion Funion – Washington

Don’t cry baby, it’s sweet onion season. Walla Walla sweet onions became Washington’s official state vegetable in 2007 thanks to a dedicated group of junior high students who lobbied the state legislature. A soldier named Peter Pieri is credited with bringing sweet onion seeds to Washington from the island of Corsica in the

Walla Walla Sweet Onion Dip1880s. Sweet onions have a very low amount of pyruvic acid which is the compound that makes you cry and gives onions their pungent bite. This favored allium is also 95 percent water which means they have to be harvested by hand as they are much more delicate than their regular onion brethren. Their shelve life is shorter too, usually only available from mid-June to late August.

Continue reading Onion Funion – Washington

We Were Told There Would be Cake: Smith Island Cake – Maryland

When we think of Maryland, we think of water. From the stunning Eastern Shore beaches, to Baltimore Harbor, to capital of Annapolis (hello, Navy), the ocean plays a major role in the culture and pleasure of residents. With good reason too; the Chesapeake Bay nearly bisects the state and most of the waterways in the state are part of the bay watershed.


Smack in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay sits Smith Island, accessible only by ferry. This small community of only a few villages boasts big about its most famous export, Smith Island Cake. This scrumptious confection consists of eight to 10 ultra-thin layers of yellow cake with chocolate fudge frosting between each and was declared the state dessert of Maryland in 2008.

Continue reading We Were Told There Would be Cake: Smith Island Cake – Maryland

Just Plain Peachy Keen – Georgia

Georgia is a state chock-full of agricultural “P’s” – pecans, peanuts, poultry and its official state fruit, the beloved peach. It may surprise you that the peach received this designation only as recently as 1995 – even though its history in the state dates back to the 1500s, when Franciscan monks who had first planted peach trees in Florida brought them north to what is today coastal Georgia. We’re glad

Baked Chicken w Peaches

Continue reading Just Plain Peachy Keen – Georgia

Tart Cherries are so Very – Michigan

Yes, we will admit, we are smitten with the mitten – the state of Michigan, that is (look at a map of the state if you don’t get the mitten reference). The whole state is crazy for cherries, but tart cherries are a whole ‘nother story. Michigan is the top producer of tart cherries in the country, with 217 million pounds produced in 2013 according to the USDA.

DSC_0092 sign

Besides being delish, tart cherries are good for you. Studies link tart cherries with soothing inflammation and arthritis symptoms, easing muscle pain after a workout and enhancing sleep, according to the Cherry Marketing Institute. Continue reading Tart Cherries are so Very – Michigan

Bierocks Rock – Nebraska

Americans love their hand-held meat pies. Michigan has the pasty, West Virginia has the pepperoni roll, and Nebraska has the bierock. (Let’s not even start with Central and South American empanadas or the Italian calzone). Just like pepperoni rolls, these savory buns were

Bierock (Nebraska) sign

probably brought to the U.S. by Europeans, specifically Eastern Europeans who immigrated to the Midwest and Plains states beginning at the turn of the century until after WWII. Many of these people were farmers, as they found the land to be similar to their homeland. Bierocks filled the farmers’ lunch pails – they were easy to eat on the go and were filling. Bierocks (pronounced “brook” or Continue reading Bierocks Rock – Nebraska

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